I live in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina with my loving husband and our three wonderful sons. My flower journey started with my little family and the purchase of a pumpkin seedling. That seedling's purpose was to teach our young children the joy of gardening and the rewards of hard work. Over the next few years our little garden grew and so did our curiosity for growing new vegetables. In an effort to grow organically, I started looking into plants that would attract beneficial insects which included flowers. By our third growing season, the flowers out numbered the vegetables! Zinnias were the first flowers we grew and for that very reason, I will always have a love for them.  

I use to make wedding cakes many years ago and never imagined that someday I would fall in love with flowers, or that it would lead me back to weddings. My love for unique flowers and foliage continues as I forge and cultivate to supplement my floral designs. My true passion is to incorporate seasonal local ingredients into a composition that not only serves as a mere decoration but to hold a meaning. And the hope that ten years from now when my client smells that sweet smell of a gardenia or sees the delicate ruffles of a lisianthus, it will bring them back to that special moment.

Love Story holds so many meanings to me since it was love that led me to the path I'm on now. I also believe that behind every event, whether it be to celebrate a parent, a birth, or a happily ever after, there lies a Love Story.










We would like our clients to reach out to us at least nine months prior to their event date, however if you've passed this mark please don't shy away. This advanced inquiry allows us to plan, cultivate flowers, and source local ingredients available during your event season. We use both local and wholesale flowers in our designs and is based on availability and event styling. Some clients will come to us knowing exactly what their needs are while others may look to us for design inspirations and more. Please keep in mind that every event is as unique as you are and for that reason, the creative process may vary slightly.

Once your inquiry is recieved, I will be in touch to discuss specific needs. If both parties agree to move forward, the following steps will follow..

1. A customized estimate will be created for you to review and approve

2. Once the estimate is approved, an event contract will be drafted

3. Once you've reviewed and signed the event contract, and made the retainer deposit, a design meeting will be set up via phone or internet

4. A proposal will be drafted for you to review and approve

5. Once you've reviewed and approved the proposal, our team will handle the rest



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Please include the following information in your inquiry: event date and location, anticipated guest count, images that inspire you, and visions you may have for your special day.